About Us

TLAWCO, based in Istanbul, provides legal consultancy service to its clients through local office contacts in all four sides of the Turkey.

In this context, TLAWCO, which organizes trainings, follows both national and international legal developments and jurisprudence, and develops harmonization projects according to the demands of individuals and institutions provides high-level service with its professional staff consisting of academics and lawyers.

TLAWCO team is aware about real necessities, purposes and problems of the individuals and institutions instead of looking at events and facts only from a legal perspective. Accordingly, each institution develops client and result-oriented solutions taking into account the different needs.



With its expert and experienced staff, TLAWCO is always beside its clients with result-oriented and reliable legal services during pre-trial and litigation proceedings.


TLAWCO provides solution-oriented consultancy services, including preventive law, by sharing its experiences with its staff consisting of academics and specialist lawyers.


TLAWCO manages negotiations in institutional disputes, discretionary and compulsory mediation processes and supports the creation of an atmosphere of reconciliation.


We provide litigation, pursuance, consultancy and mediation services in fields of Commercial Law, IT Law, Insurance Law, Electronic Commerce Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Data Protection Law, Real Estate and Buildings Law, Law of Domestic Relations, Inheritance Law, Expropriation Law, Heritage Law, Expropriation and Zoning Law. TLAWCO's main workspaces are:




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